Coaxial cable assemblies with crimp connectors



H4 (MHV)

A satisfactory cable assembly is of great importance for all RF connections. CASA manufactures ready‑for‑use cables in any variation required by the customer. The purchase of cable assemblies with connectors offers many advantages:

faultless assembly by trained specialists

no stocking of connectors and cables

no scrap

no expenditure on assembly equipment

electrically matched cables and connectors from the same supplier

markings and colour codings

‑ tested in accordance with customer's specifications, where required. SMS

All enquiries and orders for Leads and Harnesses should give the following details:

Cable Type . . . . . . . . . . . (according to Catalogue).

Connector Type . . . . . . (according to Catalogue) at one end of Lead. Connector Type . . . . . (according to Catalogue) at other end of Lead. Length of Cable required or OVER‑ALL length (to ends of Connectors)

o f assembled Lead.

Quantity of Leads or Harness required.

The following additional requirements can be met:

1. Colour coded stress relieving tape sleeves can be fitted to most crimp connectors.

2. Special identification with Heat‑Shrink Sleeving, suitably marked or colour‑coded.

Special requirements for the packaging of the Leads and Harnesses, e.g. individual sealed plastic bags with stock list numbers.

Close conformity to the exact electrical length of Lead. Please specify your particular tolerances if desired (normal tolerance 2 mm / metre).

Taper Sleeves eliminates stress.

Available in 10 colours.


Type Impedance Construction Size

RG‑58C/U 50 2 E2 PE/PVC 11 4.95 Dia.

RG‑58C/U‑1 50 1 E2 PE/PVC 11 4.96 Dia.

RG‑59B/U 75 3 SZ PE/PVC 11 6.10 Dia.

RG‑59B/U‑2 75 0.75 SZ PE/PVC 11 6.10 Dia.

RG‑62A/U 93 5 SZ Semi‑Air / PVC 11 6.10 Dia.

RG‑174/U 50 2 E2 PE/PVC 1 2.55 Dia.

RG‑213/U 50 2 E2 PE/PVC 11 10.30 Dia.

RG‑213/U‑1 50 1 E2 PE/PVC 11 10.30 Dia.

RG‑316/U 50 2 SZ PTFE/FEP 2.50 Dia.

GO‑3233 75 3 SZ PE/PVC 11 5.00 Dia.

GO‑4233d‑8 75 0.75 E2 Double Screen 6.70 Dia.


Catalogues with full specifications

of cable and connectors are available upon request.

A specialty: Coaxial instrument leads, 50 or 75 ohm with specified coaxial connector at one end and coaxial connector, crocodile clip, probe clip, hook probe, or banana plug at the other. Available with coloured taper sleeves in lengths of 250 mm or multiples thereof.

Full range of Inter‑Series Adaptors available.


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CCA/ 1‑8/78/ 1000