F. W. Chesson					            FILE: PL-EQP.HTM
144 Fiske Street					     New: 9 April, 1994	
Waterbury, CT  06710					     Rev: 9 March, 2001

 	          A-N/ and Signal Corps Plugs & Connectors

	     (Some overlap with File RF.EQP for AN/ RF Connectors)

* = Several Models Known  (former Navy or SC designations)  S/T = similar to 

CN-		Contacts (mainly old Signal Corps items)
CN-17,18,19	Contacts, rt & lft, for xmtr tube sockets	P/O BC-122,127
CN-20,21	Contacts for Relay BK-2
CN-22,23	Contact Springs, lft & rt.

JK-		Jack (female) Plugs
JK-48		2-cond.			U/W  ANB-C1 & type T- Lip mic

M-163*		Socket Cap		U/W SO-40,45,54,56,57
M-164*		Socket Cap		U/W SO-36,39,42,43	P/O SCR-177B
M-165		Socket Cap		U/W SO-41,44

MX-425/U	Grounding Insert  U/W PL-173*,259,284 & UG-21/U

PL- No.				Description and Use 

PL-5		Audio Plug	U/W JK-14,29,39    P/O P-11, Key J-40, CD-56
PL-8		Plug		U/W JK-7
PL-37		1-cond.		U/W SO-14
PL-38		2-cond.		U/W SO-15
PL-40		4-cond.		U/W SO-17
PL-41,42	4-cond.		U/W SO-18
PL-43		5-cond.		U/W SO-19		P/O BC-120,121
PL-44		6-cond.		U/W SO-20
PL-45		6-cond.		U/W SO-21, JK-34	P/O BD-41
PL-46		Phone Plug	U/W JK-43		P/O T-11,12
PL-47		Phone Plug  U/W BD-57*, BC-726, JK-24		P/O SCR-296*	
PL-48		Phone Plug  S/T PL-55	U/W JK-34
PL-50		4-cond.  U/W SO-22		P/O CD-103,106,125,203
PL-50-A		S/T PL-50, with clamp
PL-51		3-way Phone Plug  	U/W CC-70, JK-22
PL-54		Audio Plug	U/W JK-20	P/O Headsets H-16/U, H-18/U
PL-55*		2-cond Telephone Plug 	U/W J-671, JK-3,28,30,34,39, U-17/GT
PL-56		5-cond.  U/W SO-36, M-144		P/O CD-122
PL-R56		S/T PL-56  U/W SO-36
PL-S56		S/T PL-56			P/O nine CD- Cord Sets
PL-57		PL-55 plug with Binding Posts    P/O ML-110 Time Unit
PL-58		3-cond, block plug	U/W JK-37, BD-70,71,96
PL-59		1 cond, chrome finish	U/W SO-39	P/O CD-141
PL-P59		S/T PL-59, with conduit bushing
PL-Q59		S/T PL-59, with rt-angle collar
PL-R59	    S/T PL-59, 90ø shell, FT-137, M-147, U/W SO-39  P/O CD-210,238,321
PL-S59		S/T PL-59
PL-60		2 cond		U/W M-143, S-40
PL-P60		S/T PL-60, with conduit bushing
PL-Q60		S/T PL-60, rt-angle collar
PL-S60		U/W Clamp FT-136, Conn. M-148, SO-40 Socket  P/O 7 CD- Cord Sets
PL-61		8-cond, U/W SO-41			P/O CD-142
PL-P61		S/T PL-61, with conduit bushing
PL-Q61		S/T PL-61, rt-angle collar
PL-S61		S/T PL-61
PL-62		6 cond. chrome shell	U/W SO-42
PL-P62		S/T PL-62, with conduit bushing
PL-Q62		S/T PL-62, rt-angle collar
PL-R62		S/T PL-62, rt-angle collar, FT-138 Clamp & M-150 Conn., SO-42
PL-S62		S/T PL-62, FT-138 Clamp & M-150 Conn., SO-42
PL-63		8 cond, U/W SO-43
PL-P63		S/T PL-63, with conduit bushing
PL-Q63		S/T PL-63, rt-angle collar
PL-S63		S/T PL-63, FT-138 & M-151, SO-43	P/O CD-324	
PL-64		8 cond, U/W SO-44
PL-P64		S/T PL-64, withconduit bushing
PL-Q64		S/T PL-64, rt-angle collar
PL-S64		S/T PL-64, FT-138, M-152, SO-44
PL-65		6 cond, chrome finish, U/W M-143, SO-45
PL-Q65		S/T PL-65, rt-angle collar		P/O A-1 Marker Beacon
PL-S65		S/T PL-6
PL-67		1 cond, U/W SO-47
PL-Q67		S/T PL-67, rt-angle collar
PL-68		P-T Mic Plug, 3-cond.   U/W J-670, JK-33*, T-13, T-17, etc.
PL-69		6 cond, U/W SO-51			P/O CD-138
PL-70		6-cond, U/W SO-50			P/O CD-138
PL-71		3-cond, U/W SO-38			P/O CD-179,182
PL-72		5-cond, U/W SO-48			P/O CD-178,212,243
PL-74		4-cond, U/W SO-54			P/O CD-306
PL-P74		S/T PL-74, with conduit bushing
PL-Q74		S/T PL-74, rt-angle collar
PL-S74		S/T PL-74, FT-136, M-155, SO-54
PL-75		7-cond. U/W SO-37
PL-76		2-cond, U/W SO-56			P/O CD-136
PL-P76		S/T PL-76, with conduit bushing
PL-Q76		S/T PL-76, rt-angle collar
PL-76-A		1-cond, U/W SO-56-A			P/O CD-136-A
PL-77		3-cond, U/W SO-57
PL-P77		S/T PL-77, with conduit bushing
PL-Q77		S/T PL-77, rt-angle collar
PL-R77		S/T PL-77
PL-77-A		S/T PL-77, not interchangable		P/O CD-137-A
PL-78		6-cond, rt-angle, U/W SO-50		P/O CD-163,174,242
PL-79		6-cond, U/W SO-34			P/O CD-189
PL-80		3-cond, U/W SO-38			P/O CD-214
PL-81		5-cond, U/W SO-35		P/O CD-156,181,183,185,208,213
PL-82		4-cond. U/W SO-46
PL-83		5-cond, U/W SO-35			P/O CD-181,183,213,246
PL-84		4-cond. U/W SO-46
PL-85		1-cond, U/W SO-65
PL-86		2-cond, U/W SO-66
PL-87		2-cond, Female, banana type	U/W SO-67
Pl-88		3-cond, U/W SO-68			P/O CD-203
PL-89		4-cond, U/W SO-69			P/O CD-211
Pl-96		5-cond, U/W SO-77			P/O CD-202
PL-97		6-cond, Female, banana type	U/W SO-77
PL-98		8-cond, Female, banana type	U/W SO-78
PL-99		8-cond, Female	R/B PL-159	U/W SO-79

PL-100		8-cond.					R/B PL-160
PL-102		4-cond.				U/W SO-82
PL-103		8-cond, U/W SO-83			P/O SCR-187*	
PL-Q103		8-cond, rt-angle, U/W SO-83		
PL-Q103A	8-cond, rt-angle, cable clamp, U/W SO-83
PL-P104		7-cond, U/W SO-84			P/O CD-304
PL-Q104		7-cond, rt-angle U/W SO-84		P/O SCR-AH-183
PL-106		6-cond, U/W SO-86			P/O CD-195, T-24A, TS-11
PL-107		2-cond, U/W SO-87, GS-8-A, I-65A	P/O SCR-242* Radio Comp.
PL-108		4-cond, U/W SO-88,92,218, BC-310*, I-65*, TM-180*  P/O SCR-242*
PL-109		5-cond, U/W TM-180*			P/O SCR-242*
PL-110*		21-cond, Female, U/W SO-90, M-187, TM-180*, BC-310/SCR-242*	
PL-111(A)	22-cond, U/W SO-91, M-187, TM-180*	P/O SCR-242*	
PL-112		9-cond, U/W SO-92 (S)-212) TM-180*	P/O SCR-242*,269*
PL-113		4-cond, U/W SO-93, TM-180*		P/O SCR-242*
PL-114		14-cond, Female, U/W SO-94		P/O BC-342*, TRA-7
PL-118		5-cond, U/W I-65*, TM-180*		P/O SCR-242*
PL-119		2-cond, U/W SO-99, BC-310*		P/O SCR-242*
PL-120		4-cond, U/W BC-310*, GD-7, GS-8		P/O CD-310
PL-121		18-cond, U/W BC-311*, TM-180*		P/O SCR-242*
PL-122		22-Cond, U/W SO-102
PL-123		2-Cond, U/W TM-180*
PL-125		2-cond. Telephone Plug  U/W JK-24,34
PL-136		19-cond, U/W BC-338, BC-353
PL-138		4-cond, F, U/W SO-88,92,218, LP-16*, BC-225*   P/O SCR-240*,261*
PL-143		12-cond.				P/O CD-367,368,369
PL-144		11-cond, S/T PL-64, U/W SO-124		P/O RC-30,31
PL-145		9-cond, Female, S/T PL-100, U/W GR-3-C  P/O CD-439,443
PL-146		8-cond, U/W SO-78  for GR-3-C		P/O CD-438,444
PL-166		6-cond, Female	U/W JB-39 & BC-630  	P/O SCR-522	
PL-167		4-cond, Female  U/W BC-629 & JB-29  	P/O SCR-522		
PL-169		12-cond, Female U/W BC-602 & JB-29  	P/O SCR-522	
PL-173		Antenna Coax.   U/W CD-477		P/O SCR-522	

				SCR-274N Plugs
    NOTE:  The connectors have two part numbers -- one for the "standard" wiring
harness, with back-shell, and one for an open wiring harness.  Two variants: 
Basic plug number, and added "A" suffix. 

PL-147*		 2-pin, part numbers 6578 or 9127	U/W CO-204
PL-148*		 3-pin, part numbers 6965 or 9126	U/W CO-204
PL-151*  	 6-pin, part numbers 6784 or 9123	U/W CO-205
PL-152*		 8-pin, part numbers 6577 or 9125	U/W CO-206
PL-153*		 18-pin, part number 6963 or 9121	U/W CO-207, RC-96A
PL-154*  	 12-pin, part number 6964 or 9122	U/W CO-210
PL-156*		 5-pin, part numbers 6967 or 9124	U/W CO-205
PL-157  	 2-pin, part numbers 3146 or 7543 	U/W CO-211  (discontd)
PL-158  	 2-cond				U/W CO-211, SO-99   (discontd)
PL-192  	 Adapter, 8-cond, for local receiver control, # 6787

PL-149		8-cond, Female, rt-angle collar 	U/W SO-79
PL-150		8-cond, rt-angle collar, U/W CD-356	U/W SO-80
PL-155		2-cond, stubbier version of PL-55	U/W JK-34
PL-159		8-cond, Female 	R/F PL-99		U/W SO-79
PL-160		8-cond, R/F PL-100			U/W SO-80
PL-161		10-cond, Female					P/O SCR-268
PL-162		19-cond, Female				
PL-163		8-cond, Female  U/W SO-113
PL-P164		2-cond, Female  U/W SCR-522, 542, IE-12*
PL-Q164		2-cond, Female  U/W SCR-602
PL-165		2-cond,						P/O SCR-522
PL-P165		S/T PL-165
PL-Q165		S/T PL-165
PL-166		6-cond, Female (brass shell)		P/O SCR-522, 542
PL-P/Q166	S/T PL-166 (alloy shell?)
PL-167		4-cond, Female, U/W SO-146
PL-P167		S/T PL-167				P/O SCR-522, 542
PL-168		3-cond.  S/T PL-368
PL-169		12-cond, Female, U/W SO-147		P/O SCR-522, 542
PL-P/Q169	S/T PL-169
PL-170		18-cond. 				P/O SCR-522, 542
PL-P/Q170	S/T PL-170
PL-171		6-cond.					P/O SCR-522, 542
PL-P/Q171	S/T PL-171
PL-172		2-cond. Power Plug			P/O SCR-522, 542
PL-P/Q172	S/T PL-171
PL-173		1-cond, U/W WC-543, FT-244, MX-425/U	P/O SCR-522, 542
PL-P/Q173	S/T PL-173
PL-175		2-cond, Female.  U/W SO-155
PL-176		1-cond, Female.  			P/O SCR-535*	
PL-177		2-cond, Female.				P/O SCR-535*, 695*
Pl-179		4-cond, U/W JK-49			P/O Mic T-34-A
PL-180		3-cond.					P/O SCR-535*
PL-181		5-cond, Male, rcvr-control box		P/O SCR-535*
PL-182		7-cond, Male, rcvr-control box		P/O SCR-535*
PL-183		7-cond, Female, rcvr-control box	P/O SCR-535*
PL-184		3-cond, Female, U/W SO-127, M-286	P/O SCR-515* (ABA*)
PL-185		3-cond, Female, U/W SO-129   "		P/O SCR-515*
PL-187		3-cond, Female, U/W SO-130		P/O SCR-515*
PL-188		10-cond, Female, U/W SO-131		P/O SCR-515
PL-189		3-cond, Female, U/W SO-133		P/O SCR-515*
PL-190		4-cond,	AN-3108-14S-2S, U/W SO-134	P/O SCR-515* 
PL-191		1-cond, Female, U/W SO-126,135		P/O SCR-515*
PL-191-A	S/T PL-191  HV  U/W RC-147		P/O SCR-521-A
PL-192		8-cond, Female, U/W FT-220		P/O SCR-274N
PL-193*		4-cond, Female.				P/O RC-59,89
PL-197		AN-3106-9S	U/W I-100-*		P/O CD-551
PL-199*		6-cond, Female, S/T PL-Q166 U/W JB-29*	P/O SCR-522, 542

PL-P200		5-cond, Female  AN-3106-14S-5S		P/O SCR-636*
PL-201		80-cond, Male, U/W SO-181		P/O SCR-561, 572
PL-203		8-cond.					P/O SCR-585
PL-204		Combined PL-55 & PL-68	U/W JK-51, CC-348   P/O TS-14/, etc.
Pl-205		8-cond, Female, rt-angle, RCA, U/W SO-195  P/O CD-647,750

PL-219		1-cond, Male, Jones P-101
PL-220		2-cond, Male, WECo Type R-2248
PL-Q221		2-cond, Female Plug		U/W SCR-521	P/O CD-534
PL-Q222		1-cond, Female, U/W SO-202
PL-Q224		HV Female Plug, AN-3108-18-16S
PL-Q225		2-cond, Female, rt-angle  AN-3108-16S-4S   U/W SO-92,205
PL-225-A	4-cond, Female, U/W SO-88,92
PL-Q226		Plug, rt-angle, AN-3108-22-1S
PL-Q227		2-cond, Female, AN-3108-18-3S, U/W SO-207
PL-Q228		6-cond, Female, rt-angle, AN-3108-22-5S, U/W SO-208
PL-Q229		10-cond. AN-3106-22-10S, U/W SO-209	  P/O BC-750*, AN/APQ-5
PL-230*		4-cond. AN-3106-22-4S		P/O RC-110, SCR-517, 520*	
PL-Q231		6-cond, Female, rt-angle		P/O SCR-521*,602*
PL-237		8-cond, Female, Jones S-308-CCT		P/O SCR-585
PL-238		1-cond, Male, U/W RC-39,43,193 Rcvrs.	P/O CD-612,613,615
PL-241		1-cond, Male, U/W Pin Jack SO-213	P/O BC-740*, APG-1
PL-242*		3-cond, AN-3106-20-6S, U/W SCR-520	P/O CD-617
PL-243		3-cond, Male, AN-3106-22-10P		P/O SCR-520*
PL-244		22-cond, AN-3106-36-1S, U/W SO-184	P/O SCR-517*, 520*
PL-245*		3-cond, AN-3106-22-9P			P/O APQ-13
PL-247		3-cond, AN-3106-22-9S, 750 VAC		P/O SCR-517*
PL-248*		3-cond, AN-3106-22-9P, 750 VAC		P/O SCR-520*
PL-Q249		14-cond, AN-3108-28-2P, rt-angle	P/O SCR-517*, 520*
PL-Q250		9-cond, AN-3108-28-1P
PL-249		14-cond, AN-3106-28-2P, U/W SO-189	P/O CD-697
PL-Q251		30-cond.				P/O SCR-517*, 520*
PL-Q252		9-cond, AN-3106-28-4P, 500 VDC		P/O WECo Switchboard
PL-Q253		Plug	AN-3108-14S-4SY			P/O SCR-518*
PL-254*		14-cond, AN-3108-20-1S rt-angle		P/O BC-733*/RC-103*	
PL-257*		4-cond, Female, U/W SO-220		P/O RC-103*, AN/AMQ-2
PL-258		UHF dual Female Plug    U/W PL-259
PL-259*		UHF Male Plug		U/W SO-139	U/W RG-7,8,9/U	
PL-263*		9-cond, AN-3106-28-4S, U/W SO-243	P/O CD-692
PL-265		5-cond, Female  British 395		P/OSCR-695*
PL-267*		4-cond, U/W SO-247			P/O RC-89 Inverter PS
PL-Q268		14-cond, Female, AN-3108-28-2S
PL-269		30-cond, AN-3106-40-1P, U/W SO-149
PL-271		UHF Male-Female Adapter  U/W PL-259, SO-153
PL-272		Adpater Plug, for matching PL-173 to SO-239
PL-273		3-cond.  Amphenol MP-FS3	U/W I-143	P/O CD-703
PL-274		UHF Female Connector  S/T UG-224/U  U/W PL-259, CY-267/CPS-4
PL-275		Pressure Bulkhead Fitting, U/W PL-284
PL-279		9-cond, Female, rt-angle		P/O GRC-9
PL-281*		7-cond, AN-3106-24-2S, U/W SO-261	P/O CD-698	
PL-284		RF Plug, UG-102/U, U/W UG-103/U, SO-264 & RG-22/U "Twinax" Cable
PL-285		RF Plug, UG-105/U, mates with PL-284, UG-102/U
PL-291*		Microphone Plug, 2-cond.   U/W JK-48,55   P/O T-39*, ANB-MC-1
PL-294		9-cond, Male, banana pins, U/W SO-141		P/O CD-1086
PL-295		Male, 2-cond.	U/W SO-265, WC-550

PL-300		Power Plug, 6-cond.			P/O SCR-299*, 399*
PL-301		7-cond.
PL-302		7-cond.					P/O CD-722
PL-306		Female Coax	U/W AN-56, CD-1082	P/O RC-81
PL-308		Male Coax				P/O CD-1083,1084,1085
PL-309		Female Coax, fits SO-153	U/W BC-639  	P/O CD-1084
PL-310		Male Coax, rt-angle, fits SO-153		P/O CD-1085
PL-354		Red Headset Plug, 2-cond, for JK-26  S/T PL-54	P/O HS-33,38
PL-540		Telephone Plug, two-way	  U/W RC-169	P/O MC-572

			Connectors Used With Above Plugs 

M-143,5,5	Plug Jacket				P/O SCR-183
M-147		Connector			U/W PL-R59, PL-S59
M-148		Connector, 2 contact female	U/W PL-R60, PL-S60
M-149		Connector, 7 contact female	U/W PL-R61, PL-S61
M-150		Connector, 6 contact female	U/W PL-R62, PL-S62
M-151		Connector, female		U/W PL-R63, PL-S63
M-152		Connector, female		U/W PL-R64, PL-S64
M-153		Connector, 6 contact female	U/W PL-R65, PL-S65
M-154		Connector, female		U/W PL-R67, PL-S67
M-155		Connector, female		U/W PL-R74. PL-S74
M-156		Connector, 2 contact female	U/W various equipments
M-157		Connector, female		U/W PL-R77, PL-S77
M-163		Socket Cap			U/W SO-54,57
M-255		T-Connector			U/W M-307, WC-552 Cable
M-266		Connector			U/W M-307, WC-552 Cable
M-284		Cable Clamp  AN-3057-6			U/W PL-190, SCR-784
M-296		RF Elbow Connector			U/W AN-43/SCR-270*
M-297		Cable Clamp				U/W WC-547,549, SCR-695
M-307		Connector	U/W Cable WC-552-A, PL-Q241, M-255,266, MC-329
M-358		T-Connector for two PL-259 and SO-239
M-359*		PL-259 to SO-239 Elbow Adapter		U/W ARC-3, MPM-2,3,5

MC-320*		RG-7/U Elbow Connector 	  U/W MC-297,CD-599,600,601  P/O CD-946
MC-321		RG-8/U Elbow Connector 			U/W SCR-521

MX-			AN- Misc. Connector Items  

MX-14/AIA-1 	Intercom Socket  U/W U-14/AI & TS-161/AI/AQ
MX-15/AIA-1 	Intercom Plug Assembly  (for glider intercom disconnect unit)
MX-18/ARC-5 	Adapter					NAVAER 08-5Q-95  1944
MX-19/ARC-5	3-Pin Audio Adapter   	 	   	  "	  "
MX-20/ARC-5	Power Adapter 			          "       "
MX-21/ARC-5	Remote Control Adapter 		          "       "	
MX-38/CPN-3 	Ground Pin	
MX-135/AP	X-Band Wave Guide Adapter, U/W TS-35/AP, AP-36/AP Test Sets
MX-143/AI	Connector Test Rod	U/W TS-161/AI Glider Tow Cable Intercom
MX-148/G	Ground Rod  U/W CO-258 Ground Cable
MX-195/U	Receptacle Hood
MX-237/AIA-1A 	Cable Clamp			U/W WT-1/U
MX-292/VI	Guide Ring for Cordage CO-146  P/O RL-112/VI
MX-293/ARM	SG Input Adapter for ARC-3 Receiver     P/O ARM-1 Test Set
MX-294/ARM	IF Alignment Adapter   "       "         "     "      " 
MX-301/G	W-110 Field Wire Case,  rapid laying type
MX-302/G	W-130 Field Wire Case,  rapid laying type
MX-304/G	Wire Winding Machine
MX-305/G	Wire Dispenser
MX-306A/G	Wire Dispenser Pack, (1/2 mile of WD-1/TT Field Wire)
MX-307/G	Wire Winding Machine
MX-334/PPN-1A   Connector Waterproofing Kit  U/W CG-151/
MX-400-405/	MPN-1 Cable Marker Kits
MX-425/U	Grounding Insert  U/W PL-259, PL-P173, PL-Q173, PL-284, UG-21/U
MX-539/U	Co-ax Receptacle Hood			   U/W UG-266/U
MX-540/V	Vehicular Wire Equipment Instal. Kit  U/W RL-26
MX-600,601/FRT	Xmission Line Kits  U/W MX-598,599
MX-696/TPS-1B 	Antenna Modif. Kit
MX-697/URR	Antenna Connector
MX-698,99/URR   Connector Caps
MX-949/U	Socket Adapter for I-177 Tube Tester
MX-1258/U	Tube Socket Adapter Kit				91798

SO-		Sockets, mating with PL- Plugs   
SO-1		14-pin Chassis Socket		P/O BC-312*, 342*
SO-11		Tube Socket, 5-cond.	
SO-14		Connector, 1-cond.	U/W PL-37
SO-15		Connector, 2-cond.	U/W PL-38
SO-17		Connector, 4-cond.	U/W PL-40
SO-18		Connector, 4-cond.	U/W PL-41,42
SO-20		Connector, 6-cond.	U/W PL-44
SO-21		Connector, 6-cond.	U/W PL-45
SO-23		Bayonet Miniature Lamp Socket
SO-27		Tube Socket, 4-cond.
SO-28		Plug-in Coil Socket, 4-cond.
SO-30		Plug-in Coil Socket, 6-cond.
SO-31		Tube Socket, 4-cond.
SO-32		Tube Socket, 5-cond.
SO-33		Tube Socket, 6-cond.
SO-34		Connector, 6-cond.	U/W PL-79
SO-35		Connector, 5-cond.	U/W PL-83
SO-36		Connector Adapter  U/W FT-230,310 SCR-274N rcvr local controls
SO-36		Connector, 5-cond.	U/W PL-56*, M-164
SO-37		Connector, 7-cond.	U/W PL-75
SO-38		Connector, 3-cond.	U/W PL-71,80
SO-39		Connector, 1-cond, Male U/W PL-59*, M-164
SO-40		Connector, 2-cond.	U/W PL-60*
SO-41		Connector, 8-cond.	U/W PL-61*, M-165
SO-42		Connector, 6-cond.	U/W PL-62, M-164
SO-43		Connector, 8-cond.	U/W PL-63, M-164	P/O ARR-1
SO-44		Connector, 8-cond.	U/W PL-64, M-165*
SO-45		Connector, 6-cond.	U/W PL-65
SO-46		Connector, 4-cond.	U/W PL-82,84		P/O PE-48
SO-47		Connector, 1-cond, Male
SO-48		Connector, 5-cond, Male
SO-50		Connector, 6-cond, Male
SO-51		Connector, 6-cond, Female
SO-52		Connector Adapter, two 6-cond Female to one 6-cond Male  SCR-195
SO-54		Chassis Connector, 4-cond.			P/O ARR-1
SO-55		Tube Socket, Octal
SO-56		Connector, 1-cond.  U/W PL-76			P/O TM-AB-167
SO-57*		Connector, 3-cond.  U/W PL-77*			P/O ARR-1
SO-58		Tube Socket, 7-cond.				P/O BC-301
SO-59		Tube Socket, 4-cond.
SO-60		Tube Socket, 4-cond.
SO-61		Acorn Tube Socket, 5-cond.
SO-62		Tube Socket, 4-cond.
SO-63		Tube Socket, 5-cond.
SO-64		Tube Socket, Octal
SO-65		Connector, 1-cond.
SO-67		Connector, 2-cond, Male, banana pin	U/W PL-87
SO-69		Connector, 4-cond, Male
SO-70		Connector, 6-cond, Male			U/W 
SO-77		Connector, 6-cond, Male, banana pin	U/W PL-97
SO-78		Connector, 8-cond, Male, banana pin	U/W PL-98
SO-79		Connector, 8-cond, Male, banana pin	U/W PL-149,169
SO-80		Connector, 8-cond, Male, banana pin 	U/W PL-150,160
SO-81		Tube Socket, Octal
SO-82		Connector, 4-cond.			U/W PL-102
SO-84		Connector, 7-cond, Male, banana pin	U/W PL-104
SO-87		Connector, 2-cond.			U/W PL-106, P/O CD-195
SO-88	   Loop Connector, 4-cond, Male		U/W PL-108,138,225  P/O BC-1033
SO-89		Connector, 5-cond, Male		U/W PL-108,138,225  P/O BC-1033
SO-90		Connector, 21-cond, Male		U/W PL-110, 110-A
SO-91		Connector, 21-cond, Male		U/W PL-111  P/O TM-180*
SO-92		Connector, 9-cond, Male			U/W PL-108,138,225-A
SO-93		Connector, 4-cond, Male, panel-mount	U/W PL-113
SO-94		Connector, 14-cond, Male	U/W PL-114	P/O BC-342*
SO-96		Socket, Octal
SO-98		Connector, 12-cond, Female, panel-mount
SO-99		Connector, 2-cond, Male			U/W PL-119

SO-100		Connector, 4-cond, Male, U/W PL-120
SO-102		Connector, 22-cond, Female			P/O SCR-269F
SO-104		Connector-Solder-Lug Terminal Block, 8-cond.	P/O BC-348
SO-107		Connector, 14-cond, Male     U/W PL-127  P/O BC-226,351,373,374
SO-112		Connector, 19-cond, Male  with cap & chain
SO-113		Connector, 8-cond, Male  U/W PL-163
SO-123		Connector	(Belmont Radio)			P/O BC-348-K
SO-124		Connector, 11-cond, Male  U/W PL-144		P/O RC-30,31
SO-125		Connector, 9-cond, Male, banana pin	U/W 	
SO-127		AN Socket, 3-cond, Male   U/W PL-184*	     P/O BC-645/SCR-515*
SO-129		AN Socket, 3-cond, Male   U/W PL-185*	     P/O BC-645/SCR-515*
SO-130		AN Socket, 10-cond, Male  U/W PL-187*	     P/O BC-645/SCR-515*
SO-131		AN Socket, 10-cond, Male  U/W PL-188	     P/O BC-645/SCR-515*
SO-133		AN Socket, AN-3102-14S-1P U/W PL-191	     P/O BC-645/SCR-515*
SO-134		AN Socket, 4-cond, Male  U/W PL-190	     P/O BC-646/SCR-515*
SO-135		AN Socket, 1-cond, Male  U/W PL-191*	     P/O BC-645/SCR-515*
SO-137		Tube Socket, octal			     P/O RC-40, SCR-261*
SO-141		Socket, 9-cond, Female	U/W PL-294	     P/O GN-57, PE-237
SO-145		Connector, 6-cond, Male	  U/W BC-630, JB-29	P/O SCR-522
SO-146		Connector, 4-cond, Male   U/W PL-167*, BC-629, JB-29, SCR-522
SO-147		Connector, 12-cond, Male  U/W PL-169*, BC-602, JB-29, SCR-522
SO-149		Connector, 30-cond, Female
SO-151		Connector, 18-cond, Male  U/W FT-244, JB-29	P/O SCR-522
SO-152		Connector, Male, 6-cond.	U/W PL-171*
SO-153		Socket, Female, 1-cond.	   U/W PL-173*, CD-477     P/O SCR-522
SO-155		Connector, Male, 2-cond.   aka	AN-3102-12S-3P
SO-158		Power Connector, 3-cond.  S/T British 1C3
SO-160		Connector, Male, 4-cond.   aka 	AN-3102-22-4P
SO-162		Connector, Male, 14-cond.   "	AN-3102-20-1P
SO-163		Connector, Female, 4-cond.  "	AN-3102-22-10S 
SO-173		Connector, 		    "	AN-3102-20-4P	P/O PE-89,109
SO-179		Socket, Female, 6-cond	U/W PL-199*		P/O SCR-522
SO-180		Connector, 5-cond.	   aka  AN-3102-14S-5P
SO-181*		Cable Connector, Female, 80-cond.     U/W PL-201, WX-505, FM-40
SO-183		Connector, Female, 8-cond.  Jones S-308		P/O BC-721
SO-184		Socket Connector, 22-cond.  aka AN-3102-36-1P  U/W PL-P244
SO-185		Socket, 3-cond.		     "  AN-3102-22-9S	P/O RM-30A
SO-187		Socket Connector, 3-cond.    "	AN-3102-22-9P	P/O PE-118
SO-189		Socket Connector, 14-cond.   "  AN-3102-28-2S   U/W PL-249
SO-190		Connector, 9-pin, Female
SO-195		Connector, Male, 8-cond.	U/W PL-205	
SO-198		Wall Socket, 14-cond.		U/W PL-208	P/O JB-46-A

SO-200		Crystal Socket	   U/W DC-34,35, FT-171-B 	P/O SCR-543
SO-202		Connector, 1-cond, Male		U/W PL-Q222	P/O BC-747
SO-204		Connector, 1-cond. Male, HV			P/O BC-747,748
SO-205		Connector, 2-cond, Male		U/W PL-Q225
SO-207		Connector, 2-cond, Male		U/W PL-Q227
SO-208		Connector, 6-cond, Male		U/W PL-Q228	P/O SCR-540
SO-209		Connector, 4-cond, Male		U/W PL-Q229	P/O BC-750A
SO-212		Connector, 7-cond, Male		U/W SO-92	P/O LP-31-A
SO-213		Pin Jack, Jones S-101-D		U/W OL-241, CD-643, BC-750A
SO-217		Connector, 8-cond, Male		U/W BC-722	P/O ILS
SO-218		Connector, 4-cond, Male		U/W PL-108,1138
SO-220		Connector, 4-cond, Male		U/W PL-190,P257	P/O RC-135
SO-231		Connector, 4-cond, Male			P/O BC-992
SO-232		Connector, 8-cond, Female, wall-mount
SO-233		Connector, 2-cond.		U/W PL-Q-272	P/O BC-703
SO-239		Connector, 1-cond, Female, UHF Coax		Navy 49194
SO-240		Connector, 8-cond, Male		U/W PE-97
SO-241		Connector, 7-cond, Male		U/W PL-Q261	P/O BC-1018
SO-242		Connector, 7-cond, Male		U/W PL-Q262	P/O BC-1028
SO-243		Connector, 9-cond, Male		
SO-244		Connector, 5-cond, Male		U/W PL-Q264	P/O RC-94-A
SO-247		Connector, 4-cond, Male		U/W PL-P/Q267
SO-248		Connector, 14-cond, Male	U/W PL-Q268
SO-250		Connector, 9-cond, Female
SO-261		Connector, 7-cond, Male		U/W PL-P281	P/O BC-994
SO-262		Connector, 1-cond, Male
SO-300		Power Socket, 6-cond, Female  U/W PL-300, PE-95  P/O SCR-299,399

TM-		Binding Posts, Terminal Blocks, Boards & Strips (telephone)

TM-6		Binding Post, 1/2 x 5/8"
TM-7		BP, Brass Screw type
TM-8		BP, 9/16" dia, for countersunk panels
TM-9		BP, hard rubber  WE 33-D
TM-15		BP, hard rubber  R/B TM-109
TM-32		Connector, U/W FT-49 piercing clip
TM-34		BP, brass sleeve 
TM-41		11 Pair Block
TM-42		BP, wing-nut type
TM-53		BP, wing-nut type
TM-54		12 Pair Strip, porcelain
TM-57		1 Pair Block
TM-70		3-Connector Block
TM-72		BP, brass  WE 2E
TM-76		12 Pair Srrip
TM-77		21 Pair Strip
TM-78		BP, brass, wing-nut type
TM-79		Telephone Binding Post, U/W EE-73,74,75,79
TM-80		BP, brass, wing-nut type
TM-81		BP, brass, with hex nuts
TM-82		BP, like TM-42
TM-84		5-Pair Terminal Strip, U/W TM-145
TM-96		12 Pair Strip, porcelain
TM-97		11 Pair Strip

TM-109		BP, bakelite cap  R/F TM-15
TM-139		BP, bak base	P/O BC-187,188  SCR-178,179
TM-141		BP, brass, screw-type			P/O BC-127
TM-144		BP, brass, knurled head   U/W BC-86,98, EE-8, J-30,38
TM-145*		BP, brass, "	"    "    P/O EE-8*, RC-47, RM-12,13, TM-84
TM-146		BP,  EBY "Sergeant SS"
TM-149		BP, screw type	EBY 14G
TM-150		BP, screw type  EBY "Buddy"		P/O BE-58
TM-152		BP, EBY Jumnior P3
TM-175		BP, insulation-piercing U/W W-110 Switchboard Wire
TM-176		BP,  EBY "Sergeant"  U/W MP-22 Antenna Base on car.
TM 183		Terminal Strip (14 pin) for RC-53* Interphone
TM-184		Term Board for 28 TM-175 Binding Posts for 7-Pair Service
TM-186		BP, stud & rubber cap			P/O BC-228,235, TG-30
TM-192		51 Pair Strip
TM-195		NA
TM-196		BP, compression-screw type		P/O ME-11
TM-197		BP, 					U/W ME-11, P/O TC-4
TM-198		BP, brass, 8-32 stud			P/O BD-91

TM-214		BP, S/T TM-145, with 8-32 stud		P/O FM-64
TM-215		BP, S/T TM-144, with 6-32 stud		P/O EE-8-A
TM-216		BP, Brass, 1/4-20 thd			P/O FM-64

U-*/U		AN- Plugs and Adapters  

U-6/U		27-cond. Control Plug, U/W ART-13
U-7/U		10-cond. Plug, U/W ART-13 
U-8/U		27-cond. Control Plug, U/W ART-13
U-9/U		10-cond. Control Plug, U/W ART-13	
U-10/U		Power Plug, 3-cond., rt-angle, U/W ART-13
U-11/U		Power Plug, 3-cond., U/W ART-13 
U-12/U		Power Plug, 3-cond., rt-angle, U/W ART-13
U-15/U		J-63/ARC-3 Plug, 8-cond 	U/W U-41/U
U-18/UP		MPN-2,RC-234 Adapter, 2 cond to 19 cond plug U/W PN-22*
U-20/U		HV Coax Connector  U/W CX-303/MPM-9 Cable
U-24/U		Radar Set Power Receptacle
U-25/U 		Radar Set Power Receptacle
U-26/		AC Power Plug, U/W CPN-2 Radar
U-27/		AC Power Plug, U/W CPN-2 Radar
U-28/U		U/W CX-450/451/U Cables
U-29/U		U/W CX-8655/U Cable
U-32,33/	ARW-26 Pressurized Plug & Socket Set, 1-cond.
U-34,35/	ARW-26 Pressurized Plug & Socket Set, 6-cond.
U-36,37  	R-116/ARW-26 Sockets
U-38,39/	ARW-26 Pressurized Plug & Socket Set, 2-cond.
U-40/U		Socket, 3-cond 		U/W PL-148
U-41/U		Socket, 8-cond		U/W U-15/U
U-42/U		Socket, 8-cond		U/W PL-152  ARC-3
U-44/U		Socket, tube, 7-pin	U/W T-14/TRC-1
U-45/U		Adapter
U-46/U		Adapter
U-47/APA-16	Adapter
U-48/U		Tube Socket Adapter, tests 446 in Hickok 540 Tester
U-51/U		Tube Socket Adapter, tests 7F8 in I-177
U-52/U		Tube Socket Adapter, tests 12L8 in I-177
U-59/ARN	PL-118 to AN-3106-14S-2p		P/O MX-479/ARN-6
U-62/U		Crystal Socket Adapter, FT-249 3-pin holder to 2-hole socket
U-226/		U/W CX- Cable
U-228/U		U/W CX-7867/VRC Cable
U-229/U		U/W CX-7867/VRC Cable

UG-*/U		AN- RF Connectors. (WG = Waveguide) 

UG-1/TSM-1 	FT-171 Crystal Holder Adapter, U/W TS-39/TSM-1 oscillator.
UG-2/ ?
UG-3/TSM-1 	Crystal Holder Adapter; SR-1, DC-11,16,30, etc. 
UG-4/CPN-1 	T-Adapter, for two inputs into R-6/CPN-1  U/W BC-1064,1098
UG-5,6/U	Choke Couplings
UG-7/AP		Adapter for use of CG-24/AP cord with 72 ohm eqpt.  P/O TS-3/AP
UG-8/AP		Adapter for UG-7/U  52 ohm to 72 ohm plug set	    P/O TS-3/AP
UG-9/U		Male Plug 			U/W RG-5/U 
UG-10/U		Female Receptacle 		U/W RG-5/U 
UG-11/U		Female Connector 		U/W RG-5/U 
UG-12/U		Male Plug 			U/W RG-8,9/U 
UG-13/U		Female Panel Connector 		U/W RG-8,9,10/U 
UG-14/U		Female Connector		U/W RG-8,9,10/U 
UG-15/U		Male Connector			U/W RG-38/U on TPL1 Radar
UG-16/U		Type-N Female Base Connector    U/W RG-38/U on SCR-584, TRC-6
UG-17/U		NA
UG-18/U		Type-N Male Connector		U/W RG-5,21/U 
UG-19/U		Type-N Female Base Connector	U/W RG-5,21/U 
UG-20/U		Type-N Female Connector		U/W RG-5,21/U 
UG-21*/U	Type-N Male Connector  		U/W RG-8,9,10/U
UG-22*/U	Type-N Female Panel Connector   U/W RG-8,9,10/U  on APQ-15
UG-23/U		Type-N Female Connector  	U/W RG-8,9,10/U
UG-25/U		Type-N Female Connector  	U/W RG-8,10/U  R/B UG-22/U
UG-27*/U	Type-N Male-Female Elbow        P/O RT-71/TPN-2 Radar
UG-28/U		Type-N Female T-Connector 	U/W UG-21 Plugs
UG-29/U		Female Splicing Adapter 
UG-30/U		Female Pressurized Pannel Connector
UG-31/U		RG-14 Coax to Waveguide Adapter
UG-32/U		Female Type-N Adapter, RG-8,9,10,11/U Coax to Waveguide
UG-33/U		Female Type-N Adapter, RG-8,9,10,11,12,13/U Coax to Waveguide
UG-34/U		HV Connector			U/W RG-25,26/U 
UG-35/U		HV Panel Connector		U/W RG-25,26/U 
UG-36/U		Male HV Coax.			U/W UG-37,166/U & RG-28/U 
UG-37/U		Female HV Panel Receptacle	U/W MPG-1 Radar
UG-38/U		Air to Oil HV Receptacle  	R/B UG-63/U
UG-39/U		UHF Mounting Flange (Cover Plate)  U/W RG-52, P/O TS-263/TPS-10
UG-40/U		Wave Guide Choke Flange	U/W RG-52
UG-41/U		Cover Plate
UG-42/U		Choke
UG-43/U		Male Coupling
UG-44/U		Female Coupling
UG-45,46/U	Male-Female Couplings for RG-44
UG-48/U		NA
UG-50/U		Female Coupling
UG-51-56/U	Cover & Choke Sets
UG-53,54/U	Cover & Choke for RG-48
UG-57/U		Male-Male, Type-N Test Adapter
UG-58/U		Female Mounting Plate Connector
UG-58A-1	Bellows Travel Calibrator
UG-59*/U	HV Coax to Male  U/W UG-60,61/U also P/O CG-93, 278/
UG-60*/U	HV Coax to Female Connector P/O CG-93/CPN-2
UG-61*/U	HV Coax to Female Connector, panel mounting
UG-63/U		HV Panel Receptacle, air to oil operation  U/W RG-25,35/U
UG-65/U		WG Connector for RG-48/U  U/W UG-66/U  Navy 49480
UG-66/U		"	"	   "      U/W UG-65/U  Navy 49481
UG-67-70/U	Elbows
UG-68/U		WG Elbow, 6" rad.  U/W RG-48/U
UG-69/U		WG Elbow, 2" rad.  U/W RG-48/U
UG-70/U		like UG-69/U
UG-71/U		HV, Pressurized Coax Connector, female, for 50 ohm line
UG-72/GR	Radio Adapter
UG-73/U		Connector Plug for RG-59/U  U/W SO-239
UG-74/U		Coax Connector for RG-17/U or RG-18/U
UG-75/U		Adapter
UG-76/TSM-1	3-pin Crystal Holder (FT-249) Adapter in "A" Position of TSM-1
UG-77/TSM-1	"	"	"	"	 "       "B" Position of TSM-1
UG-78/AP	Aircraft Radar Adapter
UG-79/U		WG Adapter, UG-24/U to RG-52/U	P/O TS-12/AP SWR Meter
UG-80/U		BNC Adapter  	U/W RG-58
UG-81/U		WG Adapter  Choke to UG-25/U	P/O TS-12/AP, TS-13/AP
UG-83/U		BNC Adapter, Male-Female UG-9,21/U to SO-239 (Navy 49194)
UG-85/U		BNC Plug	U/W RG-55,58,59/U
UG-86/U         BNC Receptacle	(gold plated)  U/W MX-195,367 Hoods
UG-87/U		BNC Female Connector 	U/W UG-85/U Plug
UG-88/U		BNC Male Plug		U/W RG-58/U Coax
UG-89/U		BNC Female Connector	U/W CW-123/U Cover
UG-90/PPN-2     Adapter; SO-239 to British 10H-529   U/W CW-123/U   R/B UG-171/U
UG-99/UP	PPN-2 Radar Test Adapter 

UG-100/U	HV Male Panel Connector, S/T UG-21/U	U/W RG-14/U, APT-14
UG-101/U	HV Type LN (N?) Female, 		P/O APT-4
UG-102/U	Type PL-284, 2-pin  	U/W RG-22 Twinax) UG-103/U, SO-264
UG-103/U	Type SO-264, 2-cond. (Twinax)		U/W UG-102, PL-284
UG-104/U	Type PL-293 Rt-Angle Adapter		U/W UG-102,103/U
UG-105/U	Type PL-285 Straight Adapter		U/W UG-102,103/U
UG-106/U	Connector Hood				U/W SO-239,264, RG-22/U
UG-107/U	Type N Adapter, "two-into-one"
UG-108/U	Adapter, UG-23/U to UG-101/U			U/W TS-118/AP
UG-109/U	Female Splicing Adapter, S/T UG-29/U	U/W RG-14/U
UG-110/U	Male-Female Adapter, Type N to SKL	U/W TS-117/GP
UG-111/U	Plug, S/T PL-259			U/W RG-59/U
UG-112/AP	Elbow Adapter  UG-21/U to Converter Xtal Holder	  P/O TS-33/AP
UG-113/AP	Straight Adapter   as above  U/WSCR-667, APS-3
UG-114/U	Female BNC Conn. with mounting plate  	U/W UG-85/U
UG-115/U	Female BNC, S/T UG-114/U		U/W UG-85/U
UG-116/U	K-Band WG Choke (pressurized) 		U/W RG-53/U
UG-117/U	K-Band Choke				U/W RG-53/U
UG-118/UP	Antenna Line Adapter, 1 to 3 input	U/W AS-49,50/TPT-1 
UG-119/UP	Male-Female Crystal Adapter		U/W TS-207/UP Echo Box
UG-120/U	X-Band Broadside-L Coupling
UG-121/U	X-Band Narrowside-L Coupling
UG-122/U	X-Band Coupler				U/W UG-120/121, RG-52/U
UG-124/U	X-Band Adapter
UG-125/U	RF Adapter, AN-3100- to MC-277, British 10H-701   U/W ABA-1 IFF
UG-126/U	Power Adapter, AN- to GE plug  supplies ABA-1 IFF from AN/APX-2
UG-127/U	Power Adapter, PL-183 to GE K27J-       ABA-1 IFF from AN/APX-2
UG-131/U	Adapter  Female SKL to Female N		U/W TS-117/UP Wavemeter
UG-133/U	Waveguide Elbow  			(SECRET)
UG-134/U	WG Elbow				U/W RG-51/U
UG-135/U	Cover Plate
UG-136/U	Choke-Flange 1N23C Crystal Mount
UG-137/U	Choke
UG-138/U	Cover Plate
UG-139/UP	Coax Feed Line Adapter, N to four N Connectors	 U/W AS-50/TPT-1
UG-142/U	WG Elbow  	U/W RG-41/U, UG-42,52/U
UG-143/U	WG Elbow			U/W RG-51/U, UG-51,52/U
UG-144/U	WG Adapter, for RG-52/U  U/W UG-40/U & TS-108/AP
UG-145/U	WG Adapter, for RG-51/U  U/W UG-42/U & TS-108/AP
UG-146/U	Adapter, mates UG-22/U to PL-259 (Navy 49195)
UG-148/U	C Band Choke
UG-149/U	Cover Plate
UG-150/U	Flange
UG-151/UP	TPS-3 Adapter  mates CG-319 Cord to CY-69 Console
UG-152A-1	Altitude Copensator Tester
UG-154/U	50 ohm, HV Connector				U/W RG-17,18/U 
UG-155/U	Adapter, mates two UG-154 Male Plugs
UG-156/U	Male Coax, HV Plug				U/W RG-19,20/U
UG-157/U	Adapter, mates two UG-156/U Male Plugs
UG-158/U	HV Jack, mates with UG-36/U Plug		U/W RG-28/U
UG-159/U	Type N Jack					U/W RG-5/U
UG-160/U	Type N Jack					U/W RG-8,9,10/U
UG-161/U	Female Coax					U/W RG-19,20/U
UG-163/U	Adapter Flange, mates coax to UG-81/U	   U/W APM-3 Test Set
UG-164/U	WG Choke Flange for UG-48/U
UG-165/U	Choke Flange
UG-166/U	HV Jack, mates with UG-36/U			U/W RG-28/U
UG-167/U	Male Coax				U/W UG-22, RG-17,18/U
UG-168/U	Coax Connector	  S/T Navy 49529		U/W RG-17,18/U
UG-169/U	HV Coax Connector				U/W RG-18,19/U
UG-170/U	Adapter for UG-169/U Plugs and RG-19,20/U Coax
UG-171/U	Adapter to mate SO-239 to British 10H-259  R/F UG-90/PPN-2
UG-172*/UP	CPS-6 radar Slip Ring Assembly
UG-173/U	Coax Adapter Reducer for RG-39/U to PL-259
UG-174/U	Male Coax, 15 KV				U/W RG-28/U
UG-175/U	PL-259 to RG-8 Reducer Bushing Adapter
UG-176/U	Female UG-59/
UG-177/U	Cover Hood for SO-239 & UG-58/U		     U/W RG-29,55,58/U
UG-178/AP	Adapter for CG-54/U to (rigid line) Antenna Base of RC-224,226*
UG-179/U	Adapter to connect AT-82/AT to UG-22/U       P/O TS-274/APM-48
UG-180*/U	HV Male Coax				     	U/W UG-181/U
UG-181*/U	HV Female Coax					U/W UG-180*/U
UG-182*/U	HV Female Coax 					U/W RG-77,88/U
UG-183/U	Adapter, UG-21/U Coax to UG-40/U Waveguide   	P/O TS-148/UP
UG-184/U	HV Male Coax				U/W CG-79/AP, P/O APS-10
UG-185/U	Female BNC			U/W UG-88/U, CW-123/U Cover
UG-186/U	Adapter, Type N to Waveguide			P/O MPM-6
UG-187/U	Connector		     U/W RG-44/U, P/O TPL-1, MPM-7, etc.
UG-188/U	Coax Plug, S/T UG-12/U			    U/W RG-29,55,58/U
UG-189/U	HV Coax Jack, mates with UG-180/U
UG-190/U	Adapter UG-23/U to air-line coax
UG-191/AP	Female Coax, S/T UG-58/U			U/W APN-12
UG-192/U	Air Pressure Connector				U/W RG-18/U
UG-193/U	HV Female Coax.					P/O APS-10
UG-194*/U	HV Male Coax, S/T UG-124/U   U/W RG-25/U   P/O SCR-717, APQ-13
UG-195*/U	HV Female Coax, S/T UG-195/U  U/W RG-25/U  P/O SCR-717, APQ-13
UG-196/U	Twin-T Adapter, using UG-102,103/U, PL-284, SO-264,
UG-197/U	Adapter, to mate PL-259 to British 10H/528
UG-198/U	Female, Coax, S/T UG-86/U		    U/W RG-58,59,62,71
UG-199/U	Adapter, to mate CG-283/APG-15 to UG-24/U	P/O APG-15

UG-200/U	WG Choke Flange
UG-201/U	Adapter Connector, UG-22/U to UG-88/U
UG-203/U	Male Coax, S/T PL-259/U				U/W CG-101/PNP-2
UG-204/U	Type N Plug, S/T UG-21,100/U			U/W RG-14/U
UG-205/U	Elbow Adapter, CG-54/U to CU-60/AP		P/O SCR-720*
UG-206/U	BNC Jack 					U/W Plug UG-85/U
UG-207/U	HV, Pressurized Adapter, RG-14/U to air-line
UG-208/U	HV Elbow Adapter, U/W UG-154,155/U
UG-209/UP	Dummy Load Adapter U/W TPS-3		P/O MPM-15 Test Set
UG-210/U	Choke Flange
UG-211/U	WG Adapter, RG-53/U to RG-66/U
UG-212*/U	Type-HN HV Elbow Connector  U/W UG-59,60/U & UG-61/N
UG-213/U	Adapter, UG-21/U to UG-91/U	    U/W AS-114,115/APT Antennas
UG-214/U	WG Adapter, RG-48/U to UG-200/U
UG-215/U	Adapter, U/W two UG-154/U to mate RG-17/U or RG-18/U Coax
UG-216/U	Elbow Adapter, male-female  UG-215/U to UG-154/U
UG-217/U	Adapter, UG-59/U to UG-154/U  (RG-10/U to RG-18/U)
UG-218/U	Adapter, UG-59/U to UG-215/U	"	"	"
UG-219/U	Elbow Adapter, UG-156/U to UG-157/U
UG-220/U	HV Adapter, UG-154/U to UG-157/U	
UG-221/U	Chassis Female Adapter, joins two UG-34/U Plugs
UG-222/U	HV Chassis Connector, Dual Female  U/W UG-36/U & UG-174/U Plugs
UG-223/U	UHF Receptacle			   U/W Navy 49190/49195 Plug
UG-224/U	Chassis Female Adapter, joins two PL-259 Plugs
UG-225/AP	Tube Socket Adapter Plug, R-157/APR-10 to APA-41 Panoramic Adpt.

UG-227/U	Rotary Coupling, U/W RG-10,20/U and UG-55,159/U   P/O Navy SR
UG-228/U	HV Female Coax			   U/W RG-10,12,25*,26*/U	
UG-229/U	HV Male Coax, S/T UG-180/U	   U/W RG-10,12,25*,26*/U
UG-230/U	Receptacle
UG-231/U	Type N Panel Mount, S/T UG-58/U			U/W RG-58/U
UG-232/U	Coax Plug, coupled to standard banana plug
UG-233/U	Adapter for RG-18/U, U/W UG-45,46,154/U & L-Band Z-Match
UG-234/U	Adapter Coupling for RG-18/U, using UG-45,46,154/U
UG-235/U	Adapter for Range Calibrator TS-102/AP
UG-236/U	British 10H-701, rt-angle			U/W RG-8/U
UG-237/U	Adapter Coupling for RG-18/U, using UG-45,46,154/U
UG-238/U	Rotary Joint, S/T UG-227/U	      P/O Navy SC Radar Pedestal
UG-239/U	Receptacle Hood, S/T Navy 49193
UG-240/U	Dual Female Adapter, mates UG-154/U to UG-156/U
UG-241/U	Adapter to mate Navy 49195 to UG-86/U
UG-242/U	T-Connector, mates UG-85/U with UG-86/U
UG-243/U	Elbow Connector, Male-Female, mates UG-85/U with UG-86/U
UG-244/U	Female Pressurized Connector, mates with UG-85/U
UG-245/U	Male BNC (Navy 49995)  U/W RG-58/U  P/O RT-5/APS-4, RT-69/APS-10
UG-246/U	Type BNC (Navy 49601)			U/W UG-85/U, RG-55,58/U
UG-247/U	Flange 
UG-248/U	RF Choke
UG-249/U	Adapter for RG-44/U to RG-8/U, using 

UG-250/U	Adapter Connector for bead-line to RG-8/U, using UG-45,46/U
UG-251/U	"	"	" as above, with built-in 50-70 ohm Z-Match
UG-252/U        "	"	" male-female, UG-59/U to UG-215/U
UG-253/U	Female Coax, Type N, 			U/W UG-88/U, RG-58,88/U
UG-254/U	Female Coax, Type N, 			U/W UG-88/U, RG-62,71/U
UG-255/U	Adapter Connector, mates Navy 49190/49195 to UG-89,90,185/U
UG-256/U	"	"	"    "	 RG-14/U to bead-line, with Z-Match
UG-257/U	"	"	"    "	 RG-14/U to 50 ohm bead-line
UG-258/U	Adapter, HV & HP, RG-18/U to Waveguide
UG-259/U	Chassis Adapter, RG-18/U to RG-10/U     U/W UG-154/U & UG-59/U
UG-260/U	BNC Male Coax, S/T UG-88/U		U/W RG-59,62,71/U	
UG-261/U	Female Coax, Type N  S/T UG-89/U	U/W RG-59,62,71/U	
UG-262/U	Female Coax, Type N  S/T UG-90/U	U/W RG-59,62,71/U	
UG-263/U	Female Coax, Type N.			U/W UG-21*/U
UG-264/U	Female Coax, Pannel Mount		U/W UG-180,299/U
UG-265/U	Elbow Adapter, couples 2 UG-58		P/O APR-10
UG-266/U	UHF Female Conn,     U/W Navy 49190,49195 & MX-539/U Hood
UG-267/U	Male Coupling
UG-268/U	Female Coupling
UG-269/U	Adapter for R-150/CRN-7 when U/W ARN-10A  (SO-239 on box)
UG-270/U	Adapter, RG-17/U to RG-8/U  		U/W UG-21, UG-259
UG-271/U	Chassis Adapter, RG-17/U to RG-8/U  	U/W UG-21, UG-259
UG-272/U	Adapter, RG-8.U to RG-44/U	 	U/W UG-21/U 
UG-273/U	UHF Adapter, BNC to UHF (PL-259-UG-89/U0
UG-274/U	BNC T-Connector  2 Female (UG-89/U) to Male (UG-88/U)
UG-275/U	Male Coax, S/T (Navy 49270)  Klystron to RG-5/U
UG-276/U	Male Coax, rt-angle, couples Klystron to RG-5/U  (Sperry)
UG-277/U	Connector Reducer Adapter (smaller coax to PL-259*)   circa 1946
UG-278/U	HV Male Bulkhead Coax, S/T UG-181/U	P/O APQ-7,13
UG-279/U	Weatherproof Coax Conn., S/T UG-22/U	U/W RG-14/U
UG-280/U	Type N Receptacle, Back-back UG-58/U
UG-281/U	Type N Panel Jack, S/T UG-22/U		U/W RG-58/U
UG-282/U	BNC Binding Post Adapter
UG-283/U	WG H-Bend Elbow			U/W TS-338/UP	P/O APS-6
UG-284/U	WG E-Bend Elbow 		U/W TS-338/UP	P/O APS-6
UG-285/U	Pressurized femal Coax		U/W UG-21/U & Pyrotenex 52 ohm
UG-290/U	Female Panel Receptacle
UG-293/U	Jack

UG-300/U	Adapter
UG-301/UP	Crystal Adapter  N-Connector to SO-239  U/W 1N21  P/O MPM-20
UG-305/U	Jack
UG-306/U	BNC Female-to-Female Elbow Adapter
UG-308/U	Rotary Joint
UG-316/U	Adapter							c 1945
UG-326/U	Adapter, Dual-Female, Coax to Type-N		P/O TPM-7
UG-349/UP	Test Line Adapter 
UG-397/U	Adapter, UG-52A Flange to N-Connector
UG-418/U	L-Band Flange
UG-446/U	UG-39* Flange to N Connector Adapter
UG-491B/U	Adapter, BNC male to male plug

UG-558/U	Antenna Base, U/W VRC-12, GRC-160  P/O MK-1294/G Antenna Kit
UG-565A/U	C to N Coaxial Adapter
UG-573/U	C Connector  U/W RG-8  P/O CG-3444/ Cable
UG-593/UG	C Female Bulkhead Connector  U/W RG-59,62 Cable
UG-599/U	K-Band Imput Flange
UG-626/U	C Connector U/W RG-21
UG-643/U	C Female-Female Adapter
UG-710/U	C Right Angle
UG-909/U        BNC Bulkhead
UG-913/U        BNC Right-Angle
UG-914/U	Adapter Connector
UG-920/U	HN Right Angle Male to Female
UG-943/U	C Connector  U/W RG-21
UG-953/U	C to WG Adapter

UG-1032/U	C Connector  U/W RG-8
UG-1052/U	C Female Bulkhead Connector  U/W RG-58
UG-1054/U	Large WG to Type-N Adapter
UG-1878-91/U	Adapter Connectors

WR-		Rigid Wave Guides 
WR-62/		Ku-Band Magic Tee

				*	*	*