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The 3CX3000A7 high-mu forced air cooled power triode provides realtively high power output as an amplifier, oscillator, or modulator at low plate voltages. The tube has a low inductance cylindrical filament tank circuit for VHF operation. Operation with zero grid bias in many applications offers circuit simplicity by eliminating the bias supply. Grounded-grid operation is attractive since a power gain of over twenty times can be obtained.


Plate Dissipation (Max.) 4,000 Watts
Screen Dissipation (Max.) --- Watts
Grid Dissipation (Max.) 225 Watts
Frequency for Max. rating (CW) 110 MHz
Amplification Factor 160
Filament/Cathode Thoriated Tungsten
7.5 Volts
51.5 Amps
Capacitance Grounded Cathode
38.0 pf
0.6 pf
24 pf
Capacitance Grounded Grid
38.0 pf
24.0 pf
0.6 pf
Cooling Forced Air
Base Special, coaxial
Air Socket ---
Air Chimney ---
Boiler ---
Length 9.00 in; 228.60 mm
Diameter 4.15 in; 105.50 mm
Weight 6.2 lb; 2.8 kg

Maximum Ratings Typical Operation
Type of Service Plate Voltage (Volts) Plate current (Amps) Plate Voltage (Volts) Screen Voltage (Volts) Plate Current (Amps) Drive Power (Watts) Output Power (kiloWatts)
C Cathode Driven RF Ampifier 5,000 2.5 4,800 --- 1.5 435 5.5
AB2 Cathode Driven RF Linear Amplifier 5,000 2.5 4,800 --- 2.0 410 7.26
AB2 Grid Driven RF Amplifier Linear Amplifier 5,000 2.5 4,000 --- 0.74 11.5 1.13
AM Service
AB2 Grid Driven AF Amplifier or Modulator 5,000 2.5 4,000 --- 3.6 115 10.5
Characteristics and Operating values are based on performance tests. Figures may change without notice as the result of additional data or product refinement. CPI Eimac Division should be consulted before using this information for final equipment design.


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